Saturday, 3 November 2007

A Quick One...

No, not the Who, just a really quick post whilst listening to the footie. The other half of the neo incarnation of Happy Drivers (before the chap from Wampas joined and they went psycho), including the studio version of "Nervous Man" (as enquired about).

Happy Drivers - Indians on the Road (Crazy Love; 1988)

1: Indians
2: I'm Not a Hero
3: Tear it Up
4: Nervous Man
5: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
6: Crawdad Hole
7: Chez Maria

Very much more of the same, but this is certainly no bad thing. If anything, the world could have done with quite a bit more of it. And that's all, I can't concentrate, Ronaldo just hit the post. Enjoy.


shoelace said...

Indians on the Road:


Giggs just missed something a sitter.

Anonymous said...

thanks again!


hdvns said...

Just happened upon an old comment on my site and found that you had left a link to 'The men with golden guitars' and wanted to offer a big heaping THANKS! Been looking for that one forever! Added a link to your fine site as well
Cheers mate!!